how is the salt consumed?

Raw Salt

These large salt crystals colored “off white” contain 90,0% - 95,0% NaCl. Most common use is as de-icing salt, poured on the roads during winter.


Mechanically Washed Salt

The raw salt is washed to cleanse any dirt on the cracks or surfaces on the salt and remove foreign substances mixed with salt particules.

With this method, after washing, upon demand, raw salt is classified into sizes, again depending on the demand it is further crashed into smaller pieces.  

As this method does not contain dissolving of the salt, it is highly cost effective but the salt still contains unpurities inside the salt particules.

NaCl content of this salt is around 96,0% - 98,0%.


Refined Salt

In the refining process, salt as in rock form or in grains is dissolved in water, the salty water is heated, initially for boiling and then for evaporating. The process is so simple that even home production is possible. The aim of this energy consumption is to have purified salt, removing all foreign material away from salt. Refining is not a complex process, no chemical ingredients are used, salty water (Brine or solution) is boiled and the water is evaportated. Unlike the mechanically washed granule salt, more pure and fine salt is produced.

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