power station of the body

Salt is made of the pozitifly charged ion in base and negatively charged ion in acid. Most of the dissolved salt seperates to its pozitively and negatively charged ions.

While purified water is unable to transfer electricity, salty water transfers perfectly. Sodium, with other minerals (Chlorine and potassium) provides the electricity circulation in the body.

Our brain orders with electricity and the salty water in our bodies provide the medium for the necessary transportation.

The most effective conductive matter in our bodies is salty water. Salt, enables brain’s communication with the nerves just like a power station.

For this reason;

       Salt provides nerve communication

       Helps with the muscle contractions

       Enables various food items pass to the cells

       Has a role in the liquid equibilirium

       Works in the acid base equibilirium

Living organisms cannot produce salt within their body, it has to be supplied.

Lack of sodium results in;


       Mind cloudness

       Muscle tiredness

       Pain and cramps

       Loss of appetite

       Insufficient respiration

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